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Why I do what I do

I believe food is culture. It is what makes us tick. This is what I aim to convey through my work as private chef and educator.

I notice that many Americans do not have an intimate connection with their food. However, since my arrival to this country and it becoming my second home, I was happy to find a curiosity and hunger in this country about how Italians (and many other cultures) live food. This curiosity of often taken advantage of by large corporations and companies offering "authenticity" through expensive products and services. My mission is to bring Italian food culture to your home, whether it is via a dinner party or cooking class. They are all first and foremost SOCIAL events, as stories and conversation and laughter become intimate ingredients of the meal itself!


Indeed, Italian food can teach you much about living a good life. I hope to share these values to everyone who learns, cooks and eats with me!

  • Simplicity and quality of ingredients.

  • Harmony of the senses, all five senses when putting these ingredients together 

  • Community - People collaborating together make good food, and conversely, good food brings together good people.

  • Time/Patience/Love/FUN - the more time and thought you put into food, the more it gives back!

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