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Go beyond the stereotypes - learn about Italian cuisine!

Culinary Arts Courses - in the Comfort of your own Home

Gather up a group of friends for an exclusive enjoyable Italian culinary adventure! Courses are taught in the comfort of your home, surrounded by family or friends you choose to invite.

I offer many courses, some focused on a theme (such a fresh pasta making, desserts, meats, seafood) or other that focus on a three-course dinner from a specific Italian region (Sicily, or Tuscany, etc).

Click here to a get some brief information about the amazing regions of Italy.

The most unique aspect of my cooking classes are: INTERACTIVITY! All participants will not only observe, but have a very hands-on session, whatever the menu. I believe that a tactile and fully sensory experience is what makes creating with food so amazing and am happy to encourage this, no matter whatever your past experiences in the kitchen!

Cooking class prices typically range from $70-$120 per person, depending on menu and size of the group, all inclusive, but not including gratuity.


Since I get asked this a lot...YES, KIDS love cooking classes and it makes for an amazing birthday experience. It becomes usually one of the coolest things they have done at a birthday party (from ages 5 to teens), and it instills in many a passion for one of the most important life-skills to becoming a complete human being :) Not many chefs naturally enjoy working with kids, but I grew up surrounded by many nephews and nieces, and love providing these important life experiences to kiddos of all ages.


Often these classes are a great new option for your birthday party (think of it as a substitute for the bouncy castle or other more usual ideas).


A cooking class makes for a great high school or college graduation present. Young adults are increasingly aware and interested in feeling empowered as they transition into all the responsibilities of "adulthood"!


A cooking class makes for a great date night or Valentine's day present, whether its just two of you, or you are having a couples-night with other couples! The experiential connections one makes over food bests any flowers or chocolates (although those can be nice too)!


Getting together your team for an authentic culinary experience can be formative and a great professional bonding experience. These can be organized at your business if you have a kitchen, or at any home of your choice.

College courses in Italy, Now at Rutgers University

I previously co-taught an award-winning Italian study abroad course at UMass Boston. This two week course is called "Food and Culture: The Italian Experience" and is based in the incredible town of Siena in Tuscany.

Starting Summer of 2023, I will be co-teaching a "Food and Cultural Studies" course based in the incredible city of ROME through the Italian Department at Rutgers University. For more information on this course, click here.

Here is a fun short video, made by 2017 UMass Boston student Lawrence Ferrara about the Siena course:

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