I was born in Napoli (Naples), Italy, and grew up in a family that was fully immersed in the richest possible food culture. I began to follow my mother Lillina's culinary footsteps as a child and completed my education at the Culinary institute in Benevento, Italy. My family "back home" in Italy is still my primary source of inspiration.

After having worked extensively for two decades as Chef and Executive chef in Italy, and most recently at the renowned Bocca di Lupo restaurant in London, I decided to pursue my passion for culinary education in America. I first worked with students in the Hospitality schools at the University of Denver in Colorado and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 


To keep on integrating my passion for cooking and education, I currently teach culinary arts at the University of Massachusetts Boston in collaboration with the Italian Studies program and also offer services as a personal chef and educator.