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These courses introduce and develop interest in authentic Italian cuisine amongst all levels of learners and food lovers. You will not learn Italian-American recipes, but dishes as they are eaten in Italy by Italians. This is the next best thing to flying to Italy yourself and living with an Italian family!

The course offers an intimate and personalized 2-hour experience. Each course focuses on a theme or specific cuisines from Italy’s regions. Every course is limited to 10 persons/family groups. 


While and after the food is cooked, there will be time to eat and socialize together. In Italian culture, cooking, eating and having conversations together for many hours around the dinner table is a big source of happiness, fun and mind/soul therapy! I deeply believe that this beautiful message from my country is what I need to spread around the world through my teaching! My hope is that all students will learn not only specific recipes but also about the Italian way of living that promotes healthy and happy individuals and communities.